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  • Ethiopia Protests: Religious Leaders Call For Calm, More Attacks On Businesses


    ADDIS ABABA, Oct 7 (BERNAMA-NNN-AFRICANEWS) -- Leaders from the Inter-religious Council of Ethiopia have appealed for calm and a national dialogue as the country amidst continuing protests and targeting of businesses in the country.

    The government has confirmed that after the attack on Dangote's business concerns on Monday, 10 other businesses have been burnt down and looted in the Oromia region. The government blames the violence on organized criminals.

    The Information Minister Getachew Reda said, the motorbike riding criminal gangs involved in the violence used petrol bombs to attack their targets.

    Trucks and machinery belonging to the Dangote group - owned by Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote - were burned by protesters in restive region following a deadly stampede at a festival last Sunday.

    The government has repeatedly denied claims by the opposition that the security forces were to blame for the panic that resulted in the stampede. Official figures indicate that 55 people died.

    Among the thousands of festival participants, a number of them marched chanting anti-government slogans and their arms crossed above their heads.

    The Oromia region lies south of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and is the center of the Oromia protests last year which Human Rights Watch reported that over 400 protesters were killed.

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  • Agriculture minister to visit Israeli imprisoned in Ethiopia

    Ariel will visit Menashe Levy, who's been under arrest in Addis Ababa for the past 15 months. He is suspected of tax evasion and has been subject to attacks and illness in prison.

    Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi party) on Wednesday took an unexpected flight to Ethiopia, in order to visit Israeli citizen Menashe Levy. Levy has been under arrest in the country for about 15 months, suspected of tax evasion to the sum of about NIS 26 million.


    This is the first time an Israeli minister has asked to visit an Israeli prisoner abroad, other than Jonathan Pollard. Ariel has also requested a meeting with Ethiopia's agriculture minister.

    Ariel's trip is being kept at a low profile and may even have confidential aspects to it.

     Levy, an Israeli businessman, has lived in Ethiopia for the past eight years. He managed a branch of Israeli excavating and mining company Tidhar, which was considered to be one of the country's biggest infrastructure contractors. He claims that the charges against him are false, and prompted by interested parties in the country using political connections to smear him.


    Levy has been under arrest in the capital Addis Ababa since July 2015, his bank accounts have been frozen, and his company's equipment has been confiscated. He has reportedly been attacked and has suffered a heart attack while in prison, causing his family to fear for his safety.


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  • Gone With The Fire /Gondar Saturday Market

    The voice of America recently addressed that there was a fire outbreak at a “Saturday market” place in Gondar city. The people in the area, the merchants blame the government for the cause. The regional administration said that the people and the administration were able to put out the fire. The fire broke out yesterday evening and 420 shops were completely burnt down.


    The city administrator said that the cause of the fire is not identified but they were able to put out the fire along the help of the people.

    For more detail listen to the report below by Tsion girma

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  • Feyisa Lilesa: Ethiopian protest runner lands in the US

    Ethiopian Olympian Feyisa Lilesa, who said he wanted to seek asylum after making an anti-government gesture in Rio, has arrived in the US. The marathon runner crossed the line in second place with his arms above his head in solidarity with Oromo activists who are staging protests in Ethiopia.

    He repeated the gesture later at a press conference, saying his life would be in danger if he returned home. The government has been accused of brutally cracking down on protesters. The country's Information Minister Getachew Reda told the BBC at the time that he had nothing to fear and would be welcomed home as a hero.

    more at BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-37316693

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